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If you have students that are not engaged in learning, not interested in school, see no relevance in attending school or are not meeting their full potential - we can help! 

Sterling K. Morghan Consulting offers workshops and consultation services to help teachers, administrators, schools and school divisions improve student engagement and achievement.

Turn theory into practice by introducing educators to innovative pedagogy that makes real world connections. 

We offer Professional Development workshops that are NOT something you receive but something that you create for your specific classroom

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Upcoming Workshops
How do we prepare students for the 21st Century?

We need to engage students for a changing world.

What will you learn?
* Make learning relevant
* How to bring creativity into your classes
* Teach STEM for 21st Century
* Introduce culture into your curriculum
* 21st Century skills with or without devices
* Neuroscience influences and learning
* Concrete examples that have worked in classrooms
* What students need to succeed in the 21st Century
* Applicable for all age students and all subjects

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Want to find out more about a workshop designed specifically for your school or division? 

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